Bamberg NLP Lab – Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing

Welcome to the research group BamNLP (Bamberg NLP) at the University of Bamberg. This group will formally start to exist in March 2024. A substantial number of people who will be in Bamberg currently work together with Roman Klinger at the IMS at the University of Stuttgart and will move to Bamberg.

The BamNLP Lab will work on a set of topics, all with a focus on natural language processing:

  • Modeling (psychological) concepts (Emotions, Intend, Deception, Persuasion, Argumentation)
  • Cross-Disciplinary Research (Digital humanities, computational psychology, computational social sciences, corpus linguistics, Biomedical NLP)
  • Fundamental NLP and machine learning research (Deep learning, large language models, prompting, probabilistic (graphical) models)

The group is part of the Faculty “Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences”, the “Bamberg Center for Artificial Intelligence”, the joint project “Text Analysis and Understanding for Humanities, Social Sciences and Beyond”. It is funded by the HighTech Agenda Bavaria and is therefore part of the Bavarian AI Network.

If you have questions or would be interested in working with us, please contact the head of BamNLP, Roman Klinger.


  • [2024-02-21] Two papers accepted at LREC-COLING:
    • Eileen Wemmer, Sofie Labat, and Roman Klinger. Emoprogress: Cumulated emotion progression analysis in dreams and customer service dialogues. LREC-COLING 2024
    • Aswathy Velutharambath, Amelie Wührl, and Roman Klinger. Can factual statements be deceptive? the defabel corpus of belief-based deception. LREC-COLING 2024
  • [2024-01-22] Two papers accepted to EACL:
    • Amelie Wührl, Yarik Menchaca Resendiz, Lara Grimminger, and Roman Klinger. What makes medical claims (un)verifiable? analyzing entity and relation properties for fact verification. EACL 2024.
    • Maximilian Wegge and Roman Klinger. Topic Bias in Emotion Classification. W-NUT Workshop at EACL 2024.
  • [2024-01-20] There is now information on the open secretary position, see open positions.
  • [2023-12-24] More open positions posted, PhD students, postdocs, researchers, and a secretary. Please see open positions.
  • [2023-12-21] Job post for postdoc added, see open positions.
  • [2023-12-15] Draft of the website up.