The Bamberg NLP group plans to offer a set of regular classes:

  • Information Retrieval and Text Mining teaches the fundamentals of handling documents as the unit of interest. It discusses fundamental retrieval methods as well as fundamental text classification and clustering methods.
  • Introduction to Natural Language Understanding covers lexical and distributional semantics including recent neural approaches and discusses a set of NLP tasks, including information extraction, entity linking, sentiment and emotion analysis, argument mining, or natural language inference.
  • Deep Learning for NLP will discuss recent methods to represent and process natural language, including CNNs, LSTMs, Transformers, Adapters, Instruction-tuned models, Prompting, etc. The course will include an implementation project in which students will work on a project of the choice with deep learning methods.
  • Emotion Analysis in Text starts with introducing psychological theories to understand emotions and then explain how these various emotion representations can be detected in language. The class is accompanied by a set of assignments, each being a small project in its own.
  • Seminars on specialized topics.
  • … and more. We still need to figure out what students in Bamberg might like – if you have ideas, get in touch!